Newgrounds Redesign

2007-07-21 04:44:03 by kitty-and-meander

Frankly, I'm extremely confused. I mean it looks really cool but nothing seems to work anymore. And my sense of how high levels and blam ranks are, are shot. I was working my way up to ten... Now I'm working my way up to 12? Eveytime I write a review on my page it still says I have 303, though I should have more. Oh well, this is going to be hard to cope with.


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2007-07-25 04:19:35

NG still has alot of bugs to fix, it can get confusing, but I wouldn't worry about it atm.

I'm still getting used to the redesign itself.

kitty-and-meander responds:

I know, but I want to like, see whos responded to my reviews... and I can't and it sucks. But thats for your concern and for responding.


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