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1.87? What is wrong with this site anymore? This deserved more than Underdog of the Week. I was laughing my ass off and then some strange unidentifiable emotions ran across me at the end with the tombstone thing. I liked it, in fact I think it's favoriting material.


I don't know what was going on, but that was a trippy cartoon.... I really liked the style, and the music was great to. Fived it.


Voices were better recorded than most, thats a big thumbs up in my book. The punchline was a tiny bit predictable, but that doesn't mean I didn't laugh, because I certainly did. Either way, your drawing was the shit, your very good at that and I encourage that you keep it up. Along with the humor, keep that up, but add a little length. 4/5

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Very basic

Fine concept and all, even though there are a million like it. If you would have added music and spiced up the graphics I know you would have gotten a higher score. In fact, I think you should take serious consideration into deleting this, fixing up backrounds, enemies, and the like and resubiting this later. Come on, you could have it done within the day. Your character design was nice, liked it. Hey send me a PM later I want to have a chat with you.


Premium members only? Ehh... Does this mean your like going to make people pay for this on your website or something, cause... I mean it is just a puzzle game. I didn't think it was to bad, but I could think of at least 100 more entertaining things to do.

GeometricGames responds:

No, the puzzles are free. Premium members get access to the complete archive (going back two years) and the ads get turned off. Puzzle Daze itself is, and always will be, free to play.


Well that was pretty amusing. I couldn't really figure out what to do but the graphics were awesome. I liked the grainy look mixed with old school army music. Good for a few laughs.

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I love Zelda, I love their music, and I love this remix. Haha, the voice thing you do in the middle is awesome. Kinda defeats the purpose of it being a loop though so I docked 1 point off this review. Still gave you a 5 though.

DjEagle responds:

Thanks a lot :)


I never heard the original, as I am not a regular to the audio portal. But this song was pretty cool, I liked the hi-hat sound you had in there along with some of synthesizer! Nice kick too!

nal1200 responds:

Many thanks! This is the best of the two, stay tuned for more..

Good tune!

Awesome bass line! And pretty sweet what I think are chords as well. You rock keep it up. Very trippy lyrics, couldn't understand them all that well but they were good. It's mostly the good bassline that made me gave you what I did. Could use a little more length, but hey whatever. Reminded me of Pink Floyd a little.

Oh, it'll happen man. Just wait.

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